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Get Started With AstraZeneca Clinical Educators - free, personalized support for diabetes education and injection training.

It’s natural to have questions and concerns when starting a new medication. The AstraZeneca Clinical Educators program is here to help. During your first 90 days of treatment, we offer:

Patient Education Session: Starting BYDUREON

An opportunity to meet face-to-face with a Clinical Educator who will explain how to prepare and take BYDUREON.

Session topics include:

  • What BYDUREON is and how it works, including Important Safety Information

  • Possible common side effects

  • Learning how to prepare and take the weekly BYDUREON dose

  • Support resources available to patients

Patient Follow-up Calls

At your initial session you may opt in to your personal 90-day support journey. This consists of four personalized phone calls from your Clinical Educator to answer questions, provide support, and encourage healthy behaviors.

Follow-up call topics include:

  • Injection support

  • Evaluating injection confidence

  • Sticking with BYDUREON

  • Continuing with your plan

Living Healthy With Type 2 Diabetes

We also offer personalized support on living healthy. You can meet with your Clinical Educator to learn about eating healthy and being active, as well as to discuss goals for incorporating those changes into your life.

Session topics include:

Eating Healthy

  • Meal planning

  • Carbs and eating healthy

  • Tips for eating out

  • How to read food labels

Being Active

  • How to fit physical activity into your life

  • Activity demonstrations

  • Staying motivated with your physical activity

To schedule your free one-on-one education session with a diabetes educator, just call 1-855-793-6400 toll-free.

Only available in select markets.

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