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How BYDUREON works

BYDUREON responds when your blood sugar levels change.

BYDUREON has a slow continuous-release formula. One dose lasts 7 days. BYDUREON is not insulin. BYDUREON is a medicine that works by helping your body release its own insulin when needed to reduce blood sugar. It’s ON IT, helping when you need it—all week long.

  • Each dose of BYDUREON is made up of microspheres (tiny particles) that contain the active ingredient, called exenatide

  • These particles slowly break down, gradually releasing exenatide (the medicine) into your body throughout the week, to help control your blood sugar levels

  • When you start BYDUREON, each weekly dose provides a gradual increase in the amount of exenatide in your blood

  • It takes a few weeks for the amount of exenatide in your blood to reach the optimal level to work in your body, or what is known as the steady state. After that, the level of exenatide is maintained with continued once-weekly injections

BYDUREON slowly releases medicine all week long

Because it can take 6 to 7 weeks for the active ingredient in BYDUREON to reach the optimal level, it’s important to continue using BYDUREON as prescribed by your doctor.

How BYDUREON helps to manage your blood sugar:

  • Helps your body to release insulin when needed

  • Prevents the release of sugar into your system when it's not needed

  • Slows down how quickly the stomach digests food, to send sugar into the blood more slowly

  • May help you eat a bit less

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